The Graduate School of Health Sciences of Celal Bayar University was established to implement, coordinate and oversee the postgraduate education leading to the Master of Science (MSc) and Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) degrees in the related departments of the Faculty of Medicine, the School of Health and the School of Physical Education and Sports of Celal Bayar University.

In accordance with the Higher Education Act No. 2547, the Graduate School of Health Sciences coordinates postgraduate studies, excluding “specialty in medicine”, within 39 programs (19 Master’s, 8 Taught Master's, 9 Doctorate 3 joint programs with other universities) under 22 departments in the fields of medicine, nursing and physical education and sports.

Through broad-based and contemporary educational programs, the mission of the Institute of Health Sciences are to (1) train qualified researchers capable of free thinking, questioning, discussing and researching and who will contribute to the scientific knowledge, (2) educate those who will  train the next generation of scientists, athletes and health care professionals, (3) foster the spirit of scientific inquiry, (4) prepare students for a wide range of career opportunities in research, education, industry and (5) promote an environment that embraces diversity and cultural differences.

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